Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Decorating with Rose Gold

Rose gold has been taking the interior design world by storm. It's that extra 'bling' factor that I believe enhances a space. It's been popular for many years in jewellery design and now it's exciting for it to be used within our home styling projects.

I personally love using rose gold for pendant lighting or side table lamp lighting, as your can see this master bedroom takes on an elegant but super relaxed feel.

Lighting is a great way to incorporate the use of rose gold as well as simple accessorising, but don't over load it, less is best to keep a chic and sophisticated sense to the space.

Benefits for the use of rose gold: Rose gold compliments a variety of design schemes, whether you want to create a calm setting or a 'standout' striking on, it will blend well with both styles.

- Mandie Wright, Interior Designer & Design Director

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