Thursday, 27 April 2017

Which style are you? ... Are you Coastal?

The Coastal style is light and breezy, with a palette drawn from the sand shells, sea and sky, iwhispers “summer” all year round. Coastal style doesn’t have to be about featuring oars, fish or flags, as its best the Coastal Style sets a easy, carefree mood.

As far as colour goes, white is the hero in a coastal interior, reflecting sea foam and the bleached Australian sand. Incorporate blues, greys and aquas to create that ‘weekend at the beach’ feeling.
To bring comfort and warmth to the cooler colours associated with a coastal home, use plenty of soft furnishings, including throws, cushions, rugs and wall hangings.

How else would you describe the Coastal home style? 

Browse the homes we have recently worked on with different versions of the Coastal style. 
We hope they inspire you. 

Above photos curtesy of Sanctuary 28. 

Have you got a Mum that loves a Coastal home? ... Here's 2 packs suited to her style we are sure we will love. 
Coastal - Pack 1
Coastal - Pack 2 
2. Mini Coral in Leather/Glass $14.95
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Inspiration Friday // Urban Modern or Coastal

Inspiration Friday // This week we’ve been looking at Urban Modern home styles … next week it’s going to be all about the Coastal home.  Out of these 2 styles which do you prefer? … Urban Modern or Coastal ... Catch our blog post “Which Style Are You?” … featuring ‘Coastal’ styles on the blog first thing tomorrow morning.

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Urban Modern or Coastal? 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Which style are you? - Are you Urban Modern?

'The modern urban décor style is a softer and more comfortable look than the harder ‘industrial’ styles which always used to be associated with the word ‘urban’. Modern ‘urban’ décor is interior design for living in – a home that welcomes us in after a long day, nurtures us and protects us from the ‘big bad city’. Urban modern interior design is best embodied by the idea of the converted industrial loft. Original brick walls, rugged wood floors, and enormous steel windows create a sense of laid-back and cool; while open floor plans and lots of natural light give these spaces an open, airy feeling. You can try to work with textures and tonal contrasts, layering up similar neutral colours to provide a calm feeling in your home. These accents will only rarely be bright splashes of color. You can keep the look in very relaxed by using accents of nature, such as deeper browns and oranges, for featured walls. The warm colors will help you to feel more cozy.

You can also get the look with original artwork. Urban design often has a cosmopolitan vibe, and artwork is a way to achieve that look. Don’t start freaking out about the expense — starving artist sales, where college students put their work up for purchase, are the perfect places to get one-of-a-kind pieces at great prices.

Get inspired by our recent work in this style below: 

The following photos are curtosy of Sanctuary 28.  

We've also sourced these images from Pinterest, find out more about each pic here.

We've started putting together Mother's Day Gift Packs - does you Mum love an "Urban Modern" interior style? ... she'll love these homewares product packs: 

Urban Modern - Pack 1 

Urban Modern - Pack 2 

Urban Modern - Pack 3
1. Sand Timer $44.95
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